Wolfgang Lehmann

Wolfgang Lehmann

As an artist, Swedish born Wolfgang Lehmann uses documentary material sourced from images of landscapes and inspired by cities and urban spaces. His works can be characterised by an exact and often rhythmic-like montage, as well as extremely short takes that result in overlapping images. Since 2007, Wolfgang Lehmann’s work has dealt largely with with static images, digital and analogue photography. He makes transformations and transfers of documentary images into abstract works. To accomplish the translation from one reality to another, he mixes media using a crafted 16mm camera, 16mm film projectors, digital or analog cameras and computers.

In addition to his own work as a filmmaker, Wolfgang wrote film critiques and began working for the Municipal Cinema Freiburg, a post he held till until 2005. As member of the board and executive chairman of the consortium of the Municipal Cinema Freiburg, he developed and organised several retrospectives and programmes. He focused on presenting works of the film- and video avant-garde from its beginnings until today. 

A short extract from Wolfgang's 16mm feature length film Dragonflies with Birds and Snakes was scored by Manchester duo 2 Koi Karp for Video Jam at Fat Out Fest (05/04/14). The film is a purely visual sequence of vibrant images exploring the natural world, the cycle of life, birth, sex and death. 

“A ‘nature film’ beyond even the wildest imaginings of David Attenborough: one silent hour of rhythmic, pulsating, fast-cut images of dragonflies, birds, a snake – and also some toads. German-born, Swedish-based director Wolfgang Lehmann is evidently a keen scholar of the other three Rs: repetition, repetition, repetition. His most ambitious enterprise in a career that stretches back to the 1980s, Dragonflies is experimental film as beautiful mosaic, in which the rapidfire nature of the visual data means that everyone will ‘see’ something different depending on how the light and colours hit their retina. Four years in the making and originally shot on gloriously imperfect 16mm before being transferred to video for editing, this hypnotically joyous evocation of natural lifecycles transcends ornithology and entomology to immortalise the most hidden and ephemeral of phenomena.” - 19th Bradford International Film Festival

”Who needs drugs when there are films like this? - Leonardo Solaas