Residency: Canvas, Ibiza

We were invited to join the artists based at the Islington Mill in Salford on a two week residency in Ibiza, for which we curated a Video Jam programme combining the work of artists we had travelled with, and those we met whilst there - including The Ting Tings and Andy Taylor from Duran Duran. The result was a Manchester-Ibizian collaboration, with work created intensively in a matter of days. 

Running order

And now for something different by Volkov Commanders scored by Callum Higgins

The Maker by Sarah Hill scored by Michael Seal

Head Space by Paul Wright scored by Leo Arato and Niko Kemmer

Concrete Heritage by Sam Hughes scores by Alex Macarte

Uberjubilee by CHERYL scored by 2 Koi Karp 

Open Stage (The Ting Tings + Bill Campbell)

Those Days by Giacomo Gex scored by Negra Branca 

Untitled by Sarah Hill scored by Robert Arato