Title Art Prize

YMA (Sumac Waiting) by Graeme Cole, with a score commissioned for this event by 2 Koi Karp.

Following our collaboration with Blank Media Collective in August 2012 for The Projector Series, we were commissioned by Blank Media Collective to curate a 'classic' Video Jam programme - a mixed bag of short films with newly composed live scores - to mark the annual Title Art Prize Award Ceremony to celebrate the last ever public event at their exhibition space Blankspace before they relocated. See the print programme with more information about each artist here.

Running order

Model City (5.55 mins) by Sam Meech scored by Dudey Jensch 

Coping Mechanism (2.27 mins) by Candace Couce scored by Dan Carpenter

Souvenir (5.52 mins) by Caroline Ward scored by Christopher Barrett

The Riptide Movement - Without You (3.30 mins) by Scott Lockhart scored by Gwen Osmond

Watering Can, Cup, Clock, Cat (10.49 mins) by Natalie Boobis scored by Shirley May

Untitled (YMA Sumac Waiting) (5.52 mins) by Graeme Cole scored by 2 Koi Karp

Sounds of Silence (17 mins) by Mariusz Kowcz scored by Miles Halpin