Holden Gallery, Manchester Metripolitan University


Video Jam is an extremely valuable opportunity for both current B. A Interactive Arts students and graduates… a unique opportunity to contribute to a collaborative process where the structure enables them to surrender control over the outcome and experience their contribution in new and unexpected ways. The curatorial role of Video Jam… provides a structured and coherent framing for experimentation.’  - Jon Biddulph, Programme Leader B. A. Interactive Arts, Manchester School of Art

This event was a hallmark in our 2013 programme. Then recent graudates ourselves, the Video Jam team have always been eager to support student talent. We’ve worked with emerging artists from Manchester School of Art since our first event in January 2012, so it felt apt to be using the Holden Gallery Cafe as a venue to host this event, responding to the first year exhibition The Stuff Before The Stuff After.  

Running order

Shit!Son by Josh Allott scored by Pophysteriavictim

Don’t Forget by Will Marshall scored by Dan Mitchell

Robert by Scott Lockhart scored by Dan Mitchell

Penryn by Jono Whitehead scored by Horrid

Studio by Sarah Hill scored by Birchall/Cheetham duo 

Vintage Kino presents Babes in Sportland (c.1950s) scored by Daniel Weaver

Vintage Kino presents The Grasshopper and the Ant by Lotte Reiniger scored by Daniel Weaver

Sugarcoat by Meejin Hong / OPEN STAGE

I am you, you are me (Metamorphosis) by Anne Lister scored by Caro C and The Present Occupier

Fractured Reflection by Ralph Pritchard scored by Boz Hayward

Translucencies by Ralph Pritchard scored by Fizzy Vicars

Edale by Tom Harnett O’Meara scored by Mike Seal