Video Jam at Rule of 3

24th January 2013 | Islington Mill, Salford

This event was a real turning point for us. Our music curator Shereen worked at Islington Mill at the time and asked us to put on a Video Jam to tie in with a residency called 'Rule of 3.' The Mill circulated our call for submissions and we discovered artists that we wouldn't normally have come across. We have now worked with hundreds of artists associated with Islington Mill - this event is where the friendship and partnership all started. Special thanks to Jeni Holt Wright, Gass Pendergast, Rivca Burns, Maurice Carlin, Bill Campbell and Mark Carlin for taking a chance on us!

Running Order 

Vacancies Distances by Ralph Pritchard scored by Laser Dream Eyes

Bloom by Andrew Anderson and Ellie Ragdale 

Lighttrail by Paulo Martinho scored by Boz Hayward

Transit Sex Overload from a Lo-Fi Digital Voyeur by Chris Marsh scored by Tom Thursfield

Brown Paper Bag Box by Alice Bradshaw scored by Tekla

Tributes (trailer) by Bill Morrisson scored by Alex Macarte

Untitled by David Taylor scored by Gwen Osmond

Bloodthirsty by Volkan Ergen scored by Michael Seal

Untitled by Sarah Rowland Hill scored by Michael Seal

Alice in Wonderland by Alvaro de Almeida scored by Anna Etherington 

Soil by Meejin Hong scored by Pophysteriavictim