Concourse Arts Festival

2nd February 2013 | Concourse Arts Festival

Concourse is an annual student-led festival of performance and art held at Falmouth University. Stemming from the department’s history at Dartington College of Arts, the festival is a showcase of the best work-in-progress thus far in the year. 

Running order

Dreaming by Anne Lister scored by Four People

Harley Bryne: Library of Postures and Expressions by Graeme Cole scored by Jono Whitehead

Stop by Frantic Film scored by Florence Bird

Reflections on Sex in a Pyramid by Jake Tibbits scored by Moth

The Scaffold by Peter Hubelbauer scored by Spaghettification 

Bloom by Andrew Anderson and Ellie Ragdale scored by Sarah Harrison 

Frameworks by Simon Brooks scored by Pete Shepherd

Funes, the Memorious by Sarah Rowland Hill scored by Rosie Wilson

Lighttrail by Paulo Martinho scored by Vagabonds and a Box

Seen and Not Seen by Dan W. Jacobs scored by Lilium