Video Jam at Blaze Festival

Throughout Autumn 2015, Video Jam was commissioned by Blaze Festival - a multi-disciplinary arts festival taking place across Lancashire - to facilitate a series of workshops with young people aged 19-25 with a view to equipping them with the skills and knowledge to create their own Video Jam event from scratch. The aim of the workshops was to provide emerging creative producers and artists a working template from which they may build on in the future and to encourage and develop participants’ confidence and conviction in their own ideas by allowing them to exercise their creative license.

The final programme comprised short films of all genres from mainly local and emerging artists including graphic and stop-motion animation, narrative, experimental and abstract. 

Running order

Elska by Nicholas Barnes scored by THF Drenching/ Odie Ji Ghast

Rainbow Dance by Len Lye scored by Idiotbox

Chloe and the Helicopter by Matt mead scored by Abigail and The Stegosaurus

Lepus Fagus by Laura Spark scored by Ben Finnay

Untitled 70 by Christine Neptune scored by SNGL

The Boxer by Conor Hancock scored by JShort

A Life in Staples by Elena Stobsteva scored by Jay Stansfield

One Day by Richard Ramchurn scored by Kate Ashton Butler



About Blaze

Blaze is a project that works across Lancashire to develop the next generation of cultural leaders and artists. Hundreds of young people in Libraries, Museums and Galleries bring the Blaze project to life as we support and nurture their ideas and talents. Blaze offers any young person the opportunity to work with professional artists to provide a first supported step into the creative industries. Ultimately, giving young people the chance to create their own original work and showcase it the annual Blaze Festival.