This event was the launch of Video Jam's first ever album. One of our most prolific collaborators Boz Hayward had done so many scores for Video Jam over two years that he decided to record all of the scores and create an album aptly named 'Shortscores'.

Boz Hayward has been associated with Video Jam since its conception. He is a Manchester based musician whose roots are grounded firmly in punk, but in recent years has evolved into more idiosyncratic territory. The punk ethos is still there, but the noise is very different. Typically featuring an oddball array of acoustic instruments (guitar, guitarron, percussion, violin and trumpet). Boz's music can sound like a spaghetti western one moment and a heartfelt ballad the next. The disparate style lends itself perfectly to Video Jam. Boz is a key player in the Video Jam story, performing at, or at least attending all of the events. Subsequently he has written so much material that it now amasses an album!

The album launch took place at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation. Boz performed 'Shortscores' in its entirety. The event took the form of a standard Video Jam with Boz performing each track off the album, accompanying the film for which it was written. The event was a landmark for us as it was the first time that we had the opportunity to look back on a body of work created solely for our events.