The Whitworth Gallery grand re-opening

Amongst a weekend of celebrations, we hosted a special hour long programme of entirely new audio/visual works to mark the grand re-opening of The Whitworth gallery following its major extension.

For this unique programme, we commissioned 4 emerging film artists to each work with a distinct sound artist or group to produce a film with live accompaniment. Especially for this event, we obtained the rights to a small range of footage chosen by the North West Film Archive which related in varying ways to Manchester’s social history and cultural development. The commission was an opportunity for each pairing to produce a piece using their personal choice of this footage combined however they choose with their own visual and aural material. All of the artists involved were given access to the same archive footage, making the commission an experiment in individual interpretation.

All of the artists in the programme were selected due to their affinity with the city as a place of influence in some way on their practice. 

Running order

Act 1 

WHAT it's not/and then SOME - Amy Lawrence with Ella Deacy (and guests) & David McLean (and guests) 

Act 2 

I, Dismantled - Paul Daly & O>L>A

Act 3 

A Day in the Past - Ralph Pritchard & 2 Koi Karp

Act 4 

The Life Room - Mike J Scott & Negra Branca