The Mill: A Homecoming

  • Chloe and the Helicopter by Matt Mead

    Matt Mead is a freelance filmmaker and editor based in London. Having worked in various roles in the UK film industry, he left to create his own work free from the constraints of commercial cinema. Chloë and the Helicopter was shot over two sleepless nights in an old corner shop whilst working 11 hour shifts in the day.
  • scored by Sally Mason

    Sally Mason is a guitarist and a singer. She has been around Manchester for a few years, popping up in various bands such as 'Taylor and the Mason', ‘The Happy Soul,’ singing for ‘Gabriel Minnikin’ and ‘The Hyena Kill.’ For this video jam performance she’ll be bringing along ‘The Hyena Kill’ and her busking pal Nathan.
  • The Coastal Path by Adam Scovell

    Adam Scovell is a writer and filmmaker currently based in Liverpool. He is studying for a PhD in Music at the University of Liverpool and is a doctoral candidate funded by the Arts And Humanities Research Council. He has produced film and art criticism for over twenty digital and print publications including The Times and The Guardian, runs the twice Blog North Awards nominated website, Celluloid Wicker Man, and has had films screened at FACT, The Everyman Playhouse, METAL, and Manchester Art Gallery.
  • scored by Adam Leavy

    Adam Leavy creates experimental instrumental soundscapes using: electric mandolin, guitar, effects pedals, glockenspiel, drum machine, violin bow, synthesiser, and a toy ray gun. Interested in building layers of sound using repetitive rhythms, drones, sweeping crescendos and other post-rock style influences. The kind of thing that goes from total quiet to a total riot, from dreaming to screaming, from barely audible to a right earful.
  • Josephine and the Leopard by Jade Montserrat and Webb-Ellis

    Jade Montserrat is a UK based research-led artist with a BA in The History of Art from the Courtauld Institute of Art and an MA in Drawing from Norwich University of Art. Webb-Ellis are British/Canadian artist filmmakers whose films, installations and performances investigate the problem of representation, and the line between self and other. Working collaboratively, Webb-Ellis and Montserrat have produced a series of vignettes which blur distinctions between performance and film.
  • scored by Lauren Bolger

    Lauren Bolger is a AHRC PhD student at Keele University specialising in writing poetry. She is the author of Lucy's Evening (Keele University Press, 2012), a pamphlet of poems that was awarded the Roy Fisher Prize for poetry. Her poem 'In the First Place' was shorlisted for the Bridport Prize in 2013. Her projects include: Locean, Water and collaborations with David McLean (Tombed Visions).
  • You Can Sunbathe in this Storm by Alice Dunseath

    Alice is a London based filmmaker and animation director. She works with materials, liquids, chemicals, crystals or elements that have a life of their own. Choreographing them around the screen to music or sounds to make visual poetry that encourages viewers to contemplate the bigger picture. She is also an Associate Lecturer in Animation at Goldsmiths College, University of London.
  • scored by Aldous RH

    ALDOUS RH (Alexander Aldous Robinson Hewett); a (aries) male born in the spring of 1992. His obsession with the world of rock n’ roll began at the age of 12 and hasn’t faltered since. Many years were spent honing his craft as a vocalist & songwriter with nu-prog band Egyptian Hip Hop; eye opening experiences were had on the road performing with soft spoken veteran Charlotte Gainsbourg and gentle blues-rock professional Connan Mockasin.
  • Becoming Liquorice Black

    Ben from the US, Elena from Italy and Ramona from Switzerland met for the Master in Visual Anthropology at the Granada Centre of the University of Manchester and create this short process film in collaboration with Liquorice Black as the first film exercise of the course. Currently Ben and Elena are focusing on sound and photography and Ramona is doing another film with Liquorice Black.
  • scored by Elephant Blood

    Emerging from the socially-conscious mind of singer/songwriter and filmmaker Francesca Sophia, Elephant Blood began developing material in 2013, and performing in 2014. Stepping into the musical landscape after after almost ten years of making films, Francesca is driven by a desire to spur on debate about important issues like gender pressures, domestic violence, poverty and societal expectation, and through Elephant Blood aims to develop a string of poetically versed political songs that encourage audiences to first feel, then think.
  • After the Rainbow by Soda Jerk

    Soda_Jerk is a 2-person art collective that works with sampled material to construct rogue histories and counter-mythologies. Taking the form of video installations and live video essays, their archival image practice is situated at the interzone of experimental film, documentary and speculative fiction. Formed in Sydney in 2002 and based in New York since 2012, Soda_Jerk recently completed a residency at FACT in Liverpool supported by the Culture 2013 programme of the European Commission.
  • scored by MOTHER

    Since first emerging in Manchester mid-way through 2014, Mother have been a constantly evolving presence. Creating a sonic palette that comes from a place of eerie sense of the pastoral, the group's core four-piece has frequently been infiltrated with local collaborators as they seek to explore every nuance of a sound that has its roots in drone and minimalism, yet live has equally taken on shapes ranging from the angry and demented to something of a more direct pop hue.
  • A New Sun by Simon Brooks

    Simon Brooks is a Manchester based film maker with a passion for all things music related. His work over the last few years has experimented with bringing abstract imagery into narrative pieces essentially blurring the lines between story and visual aesthetic. Although predominantly working on music videos Simon is currently working on his first short film due to be released at the end of 2015 entitled Everything Must Be In The Air.
  • scored by Championlover

    They describe themselves as a ‘KRAUTDUBFUNKPUNKNOISE‘ outfit, and a psychedelic no-world package holiday. Their debut album ‘Makeout’ released on Sheffield Audacious Art Experiment (Cowtown, Blood Sport, Nope) sounds like the soundtrack to a spaced out journey through the sahara. A sonic philosophers stone, containing much more than the sum of its parts, the album displays elements of world, kraut, dub, punk-funk and disco-not-disco.
  • X-Ray Film by Chris Munger

    Chris Munger is a figure shrouded in mystery. According to legend, he made ‘X-Ray Film’ while a student at UCLA, which Pyramid Films went on to distribute in the early 1970s. The film makes a cynical comment on the romantic naiveties of the human body, particularly in terms of sex and intimacy. We can assume it was the same Chris Munger who directed an eclectic mix of works in the 70s which strayed into the fringes of cinema – ‘The Year of the Communes’ (1970), ‘Black Starlet’ (1974), ‘Kiss of the Tarantula’ (1976), and an episode of The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams (1978).
  • scored by Proto Idiot

    Proto Idiot is the brainless child of Andrew Anderson, a Manchester-based musician who plays in bands like The Hipshakes and The Marble Vanity. Starting out at stupid and working towards irrelevance, Proto Idiot has been going since 2006 with records released on Trouble In Mind, OddBox, Slovenly and Red Lounge. Formerly a one-man-thing but now a full-band-affair with bassist Michael Floyd Seal and drummer Callum Trent D’arley, influences include Wire, Soft Boys and Pavement; they have been described as a post-punk Bay City Rollers.