Test Pattern (2018)

Test Pattern by Victoria Keddie | 15 mins | scored by Seaming To

Commissioned and premiered at Basquiat x Video Jam at the Barbican Hall, 28/01/18. The event marked the closing of Basquiat: Boom for Real, the first large scale exhibition of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s in the UK.

Test Pattern takes inspiration from the pioneering use of early video broadcast, a nascent art form in the 1980s. Keddie uses the tools of lo-fi video to explore the portability, speed and colour of this analogue technology, a visual language pivotal to the downtown NYC “scene” that was Basquiat’s world. Video broadcast and community access TV became a tool for artists to connect, challenge, create and transmit their message in any way possible - a famous example of which includes Glen O’Brien's TV Party which hosted Basquiat on several occasions. 

Artist statement: “Test Patterns is the artist’s journey through the lens and into the cathode. The three channel video uses analogue technologies present at the dawn of video. Titled after the name of Jean Michel Basquiat’s first noise band, the video explores a world of analogue video from the inside out.” - Victoria Keddie

Victoria Keddie is an artist working in sound, video composition, and transmission. Of interest in her work are the fluctuations of electromagnetic activity, stereoscopic image and dimensional spaces, satellite debris and collision, image and sound synchronicity and collapse, time sensitivity, and the body in relation to the machine. For five years she has been Co-Director of E.S.P. TV, a nomadic TV studio that hybridizes technologies to realize synthetic environments and deconstruct the televisual for live performance. Her video works are distributed through Lightcone, (Paris), and she has performed and exhibited around the world.