Sounds from the Other City 2014

Featuring a line up of old and new faces, we curated two stages for much loved Sounds From The Other City. At Bexley square in Salford, a programme of short films with a variety of live musical accompaniment, and for ‘Video Jam Sessions’ at The New Oxford pub, unplugged and acoustic favourites.

Running order

Slip Discs DJ Set

His Haunted Laughter (5.43 mins) by Jamie H Scrutton scored by The Yossarians

Cote D'Azur (5.10 mins) by Caroline Ward scored by Miles Halpin

The Summoning (6.40 mins) by Volkov Commanders scored by Syncopation's Light Hearted Sister 

Slip Discs DJ Set 

Vent (5:03 mins) by Joe Whitmore scored by Daniel Weaver

A House on the Moon (3.09 mins) by Imge Ozbilge and Charlotte Apers scored by The Happy Soul

Sleep Vessel (2.43 mins) by Ben Skea scored by The Happy Soul

The Seconds (5.38 mins) by Shunsaku Hayashi scored by Acre Tarn

Slip Discs DJ Set

Caffenol (8.08 mins) by Haruka Mitani scored by Flesch

White Paint - Fitzroy North (3.04 mins) by Antony Barkworth-Knight scored by Christopher Barrett

Last Words - Gogo Penguin (3.08 mins) by Antony Barkworth-Knight scored by Christopher Barrett

All This and More (5.30 mins) by Veronica Ibarra scored by The Lonesome & Penniless Cowboys

Slip Discs DJ Set

Bulle (5.10 mins) by Camille Uliana scored by Jo Rose

Baraka (15.54 min extract) by Ron Fricke scored by O>L>A

‘VIDEO JAM SESSIONS’ at the New Oxford 

Running Order: 

Tom Mitchell & The Thumps - 3.15pm 

Thomas Long (Easter) - 4.45pm 

Tekla and Literature Thieves- 6.15pm 

Songs For Walter - 7.45pm 

The Lonesome and Penniless Cowboys - 9.30pm