Panel discussion with Dave Haslam, Manchester City Library

Thursday 14th July, 2016 | Manchester Library | 6.30 - 8 pm 

Video Jam music co-director and music curator Shereen Perera was speaking on a panel initiated by author and DJ Dave Haslam which takes 'Culture comes from the streets. Discuss' as it's point of departure. The panel was an opportunity to debate issues around Manchester's arts and culture, past, present and future, and where grassroots initiatives like Video Jam sit within this.

In a provocative essay last year, Dave argued that Manchester is currently unbalanced and in danger of focussing money and marketing on high profile cultural institutions at the expense of nurturing local, maverick, creative talent. At this event, presented by Discuss, and in association with the Greater Manchester Fringe, the themes of the essay faced challenges and arguments from a range of other speakers with a view on, and role in, Greater Manchester arts & culture.