Knockdown Centre, New York

Video Jam at Knockdown Center
Queens, New York
Friday, July 21, 2017

For our New York debut we presented a programme of short films and live accompaniment responding to the musical, cultural and artistic influences of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. The programme included work by both emerging and mid-career artists of Basquiat's generation, spanning a variety of genres including essay film, live 16 mm film performance, hand drawn animation, a classic Disney cartoon and more. The event was part of a larger project that will culminate at the Barbican Centre in London early in 2018


More Grief [2017] by RUFFMERCY scored by Natalie Galpern

Audio/visual performance by Rose Kallal

Kindah [2016] by Ephraim Asili scored by Micah Gaugh


Disney's The Skeleton Dance [1929] scored by Ariana van Gelder

Weekend at Basquiat's [2013] by CHERYL scored by Nat Roe

Langua Lesson [2015] by James Maurelle scored by Kate Mohanty

N.Y.C (No New York) [1980] by Rick Liss scored by Val-Inc

Unbroken-Unbreakable (VHS Diary) [2017] by J Triangular scored by Coatie Pop (new 

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