Each film commissioned or curated for a Video Jam event is scored live by an individual musical act. In a single event we aim to programme a wide variety different sonic approaches alongside one another, in turn bringing together audiences that may never normally interact under one roof.

Our work aims to give fullest possible expression to musical interpretation of film. Past events have seen films scored live by sound artists, composers and groups of all kinds from individual electronic artists to a 20 member guitar orchestra. We have commissioned opera singers, punk bands, an interfaith women's choir, hip hop, string quartets, ceilidh, Broadside ballads, noise bands, spoken word and percussionists. Artists have invented instruments for our events and experimented with iPhones, crystal mics, sampling, voice over, reel to reel tape players, foley and optical sound. Occasionally we host an 'open stage', allowing audience members to improvise to film.

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