I, Dismantled (2015)

I, Dismantled (2015)

I, Dismantled  | 10 minutes | 2015

In January 2015, Video Jam premiered four new audio/visual works at the Whitworth Art Gallery for a special programme to mark it's re-opening following a major extension. Four pairings of emerging film and sound artists were commisisoned to work with a small range of footage chosen by the North West Film Archive relating to Manchester’s social history and cultural development. Each pairing was given the opportunity to produce a piece using their personal choice of this footage combined however they choose with their own visual and aural material. All of the artists involved were given access to the same archive footage, making the commission an experiment in individual interpretation.

I, Dismantled is a 16mm film by Paul Daly with an original score by Manchester based duo O>L>A. The 16mm film shot entirely by Paul but influenced by the archive footage is a document of British society and its disappearing traditions, exploring ideas of masculinity and class as well as the urban environment. "Impermanence in motion. An ethnographic eulogy to a disappearing Britain as we experience a transitional period in history, as seen through the eyes of the last non-digital native generation." - Paul Daly

Paul Daly is a multidisciplinary filmmaker and photographer. His interests are centered on documenting society in its current state. British ways and traditions are becoming less common as Western cultural influence becomes more apparent. He uses image-making as a way of creating a world on the cusp of emptiness. 

O>L>A are a two-piece taking the less travelled path around Manchester live venues. Over the past few years O>L>A comprising Dean Jones and Kevan Hardman - have performed on stages at John Rylands Library, Manchester Cathedral and Whitworth Art Gallery, working in collaboration with fellow Manc creatives such as Video Jam, artist Alison Erika Forde and writer David Gaffney. Hard to pin down, their music is characterised by it’s questing, forward momentum, guitars and delicate orchestral elements into great dream-pop odysseys. They have released two EP’s since 2013 & more recently assembled a score to Ron Fricke’s film Koyaansqatsi for a one-off performance. They plan to release a new single Light Year’s and new EP titled Call Of The Wild in 2016. 

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