Ghost in the Machine (2014)

Ghost in the Machine (2014)

Ghost in the Machine | 15 mins | 2014 

In January 2014, Video Jam was commissioned by Manchester Art Gallery to curate an event in response to Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller’s Hayward Touring Exhibition All That Is Solid Melts Into Air. The invitation gave us an opportunity to delve into Manchester’s rich socio-political history, and to select musicians and filmmakers we felt represented the different pockets of culture the North West has to offer. 

We commissioned live video artist KHOM to work with eletronic composer AHRKH to produce original work to be performed live in response to the exhibition. The result was Ghost in the Machine; a live audio/visual assult on the senses that explored tensions that exists within modern day social interactions and the urban environment.

KHOM is the live visual project of photographer James Robinson. By using a variety of found and recorded footage, 3D and 2D effects and filters, the aim of the project is to collaborate with a variety of musicians spanning genres to create an immersive live experience. As well as playing live with a plethora of different acts including Gnod, White Hills, Gum Takes Tooth, Terminal Cheesecake, and NYC performance collective CHERYL, KHOM has also collaborated on video projects for Rejections and Lightning Glove. 

AHRKH is athe project of Manchester based musicians A. P. Macarte. With the prokect, Macarte aims to explore the reltionship between sound, vision and meditative states using slow burning vocal loops, drone manipulations, rhythmic pulses and various sounds to create scoping deserted internal panoramas of brooding, devotional mindscapes.