Fishbowl (2018)

Fishbowl (2018)

Fishbowl by Gabrielle Ledet and Jack Wedge | 3 mins | scored by Ibibio Sound Machine

Commissioned and premiered at Basquiat x Video Jam at the Barbican Hall, 28/01/18. The event marked the closing of Basquiat: Boom for Real, the first large scale exhibition of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s in the UK.

Fishbowl is a film about freedom; being free from one’s negative thoughts. Usually a painter and designer, it is Gabrielle Ledet’s first animated film and draws stylistically on Surrealism, an influence on Basquiat’s work uncovered by the exhibition’s research. Fishbowl was made in collaboration with animation student Jack Wedge. 

Artist statements:

“Basquiat has inspired me to express myself however I want, and not to be boxed in. I chose animation because I knew that I could make anything in my head come to life, no matter how dreamy or supernatural it may seem. My life is a spiritual, scary, emotional, happy, weird roller coaster. I wanted to take a excerpt of this ride I call life and put it into a 3min short film.” - Gabrielle Ledet

“I like how prolific and energetic Basquiat was. It didn't seem like he treated his work so preciously, and I try to reflect that in my own work. I read that he would walk on his paintings and get sneaker marks on them. I also respect him for how he incorporated his own character and personal thoughts into his paintings. The surroundings of my favorite of his paintings are super literal reflections of his mental state. I'm super lucky to have met Gabbie and had the opportunity to make the animation with her.”       - Jack Wedge

Fishbowl scored by Ibibio Sound Machine at the Barbican Hall

Gabrielle Ledet is a painter, designer and filmmaker based in New Orleans. Her work explores black identity. In March she was interviewed about her life and work for YouTube’s StyleLikeU channel which has since received over 50K views.

Jack Wedge is a 20 year old artist from N.Y, currently at NYU studying Film and Video games. He is interested in surreal and subliminal storytelling. He is most interested in how he can use commentary and satire to help the world, specifically involving environmental conservation, civil rights, and getting rid of the 45th president.