Filters (2014)


20 mins | 2014

As part of Spaces, a major collaborative project of 2014 between Video Jam and Slip imprint resulting in a 3 part UK tour, animator and filmmaker James Snazell and composer MFAAH (Max Hampshire) were commissioned to produce a new audio/visual work, developed over a period of 6 months. Supported by Arts Council England.

"Our aim is to create a new A/V experience using sourced elements of previously commercially created / used tape and film. Taking this as raw material, we have stripped back the sound and image to its fundamental forms, isolating selected elements and then building audio structures and a whole aesthetic as parts of something new; achieved, by way of composing, using these audio and visual fragments which go to create a beguiling space by way of processes of re-filming, replaying, layering and repeating to the point of abstraction. We have looked to warp and re-shape the source material we have used into something that isn't recognisable in its original form. The visual side of the work exists in an environment for single channel presentation, which we look to extend by way of creating a sonorous and auditory space."James Snazell and Max Hampshire

James Snazell lives in Manchester and produces work for single screen using both analog and digital techniques in his work that ranges from minimal abstractions to multilayered compositions. He has had his work screened at a range of international experimental film festivals.

MFAAH is the moniker of Max Hampshire whose shattered computer noise has birthed two meticulous EPs, released on Slip and the CACAO label that he co-runs. Hampshire continues to push the limits of digital data manipulation, both sonically and visually, and the decision to perform under his own name reflects the renewed rigour and confidence which characterises his most recent work.