Fat Out 2014

Fat Out Fest returned to Islington Mill on May 23rd, a three day festival over the Bank Holiday celebrating independent creativity and blurring the boundaries between music, performance, art and film. Video Jam were one of four handpicked collectives chosen to curate their own stage. Other collectives included the incredibly talented Opal Tapes, Gizeh Records and Tombed Visions. Headliners over the bank holiday weekend for Fat Out fest were the legendary Melt Banana and critically acclaimed Cut Hands.

We curated a programme of short films with a variety of live musical accompaniment alongside three unique performances/installation pieces. Full lineup below.

About Fat Out

Fat Out Til You Pass Out is an independent promotion now based in Salford NW England. Founded in 2007 by Emma Thompson and Verity Gardner, Fat Out has grown from humble DIY punk roots into a force to be reckoned with in the Salford/Manchester independent music scene. Fat Out was primarily set up as a simple experiment; their only goal was to put on their friends bands and other acts they’d witnessed in the niche but cult-like D.I.Y scene in Milton Keynes, founded and heralded by Don Mclean’s Fortissimo Records. As time has passed, the shows have steadily gotten bigger and more diverse, turning from occasional gig/party organisers into a fully-fledged and recognised promotion. Fat Out was founded on very strong DIY principles as a reaction to the sometimes punishing environment of the independent scene, ethics which have been carried through the promotion to current day.