A Day in the Past (2015)

A Day in the Past (2015)

A Day in the Past | 11 mins | 2016  

In January 2015, Video Jam premiered four new audio/visual works at the Whitworth Art Gallery for a special programme to mark it's re-opening following a major extension. Four pairings of emerging film and sound artists were commisisoned to work with a small range of footage chosen by the North West Film Archive relating to Manchester’s social history and cultural development. Each pairing was given the opportunity to produce a piece using their personal choice of this footage combined however they choose with their own visual and aural material. All of the artists involved were given access to the same archive footage, making the commission an experiment in individual interpretation.

A Day in the Past is a film by Ralph Pritchard with an original score by Manchester based duo 2 Koi Karp. The work is a visual manipulation of selected footage chosen the the archive, combined with origial text. "My practice is concerned with the way moving image can convey ideas and feelings through a refined, multi-textural approach. I worked with archive footage from the North West Film Archive to tell a dream-like story, exploring the way every day life is remembered, described and recorded." - Ralph Pritchard

Ralph Pritchard is an artist living and working in London. He manages, curates, creates, produces and edits various different kinds of moving image content in a variety of factual/political/fictional/artistic contexts. 

2 Koi Karp's sound is unmistakable but hard to pinpoint. They use pulsing rhythms made by tape manipulations with your first ever tape recorder (for children of the 80's). The sounds feel 'hand-made', often using the tape-deck buttons as bass drums. Concrete sounds are made live; recently by sticking red shrink-wrap around the body, and replayed: the visual is made sonic. Interactions with film is a regular and vital occurrence. 

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