'88 (2018)

'88 by ruffmercy | 11 mins | scored by Danalogue

Artist statements: “The first thing that struck me about Basquiat's work is his use of colour, a tangible sense of emotional transference, and a vibrant energy that leaps off the canvas. Delving deeper, I became aware that underneath the immediacy of his aesthetic there are celebrations of his heroes, references to mythical texts, and hidden, personal messages that express more than meets the eye. I also felt an affinity between the thriving underground artist scene of the Mudd Club in the late ‘70s and the community of artists I'm part of. For this special collaboration, between the ostensibly disparate and idiosyncratic musicians in the Danalogue group and filmmaker ruffmercy, I wanted to combine our myriad inspirations and musical languages, and encode them into a new sonic space that resonates with the bombastic intensity and colour that I perceive within the fabric of Basquiat’s incredible works.”  - Danalogue 

“I feel like a thief that has been given keys to a palace for an evening. Once entering that palace there is only me and the treasures within. I get to wear his crown and to dance in his slippers; what an opportunity, if only for one night.” - ruffmercy 

ruffmercy is an animation director. After cutting his teeth at MTV in the late 90’s as a promo producer he moved on to become a freelancer animator working for a variety of broadcasting networks and agencies before moving into the world of music videos full time around 2001. He has become known for his loose hand drawn animation style sometimes utilised over live footage and mostly within the genre of Hip Hop music.

Danalogue is an English synthesiser player, composer and record producer based in London. Most known for his keyboard and production duties for Mercury Prize nominated The Comet is Coming, and synth-drum duo Soccer96, Danalogue operates from legendary underground studio The Total Refreshment Centre. His approach is based around a modern reinterpretation of older analogue keyboards, combining his trademark Roland Juno-60 and SH-09 with various echoes and drum machines to create a sonic palette that leans towards the celestial and psychedelic.

For this collaboration, he has formed an exciting new collaboration which combines instrument-maker/sound designer Leafcutter John; percussionist, composer and classically trained Tabla player Sarathy Korwar; and, from groups Wildflower, Soothsayers and Ill Considered, Idris Rahman on tenor saxophone.